How to Choose RN to BSN Online Programs

How to Choose RN to BSN Online Programs

With a wealth of RN to BSN Online Programs, it is a difficult task to choose one that can fit your busy schedule and meet your needs. Before giving any advice on choosing the best online program, let me remind you that earning a BSN can be challenging, especially if you have children and a family to support. Once youve said that, remember that registered nurses with a BSN have (and will continue to) have better jobs than those who do not have such a degree, so it is certainly worthwhile to get an exam time, money and effort.

If you have a BSN, you will be able to work in different settings, move into the leadership role and be able to understand the theory and the science behind the nursing care, which in itself can be very satisfactory to know.

As mentioned, you may be challenging to get a BSN while continuing to work and support your family. Thanks to the many BSN programs available online, however, it is easier to obtain a degree than ever. RN to BSN Online programs offer unrivaled convenience, flexibility and 24-hour availability. There is no need to pay for day care centers, take free work or commute to class. But like everything else, its advisable to keep a few things in mind before deciding on a program.

RN to BSN Online Program - Factors to Consider


While the Online RN to BSN programs are plentiful, they are not created equal. To put yourself in the best place to find a reputable online program, you need to do some research. A great place to start is to find out if the online school and program they offer are accredited. Choosing accredited schools / programs is important as it ensures that the school / program has met national education standards for both integrity and quality.

Before reviewing the later stages of the application, check whether the school in question is accredited. Although the school reports that they are accredited, it can not mean that their RN to BSN Online programs are accredited, as accreditation is made on a program to be programmed. Accreditation not only mentions the reputation of the school and the program, but will also affect your transfer of funds, licensing and future education opportunities.

Do you have the right features needed to succeed online?

The most successful online students are those who have a certain set of learning goals, qualities and preferences. Without the presence of an instructor who motivates you (or maybe pushing you) you must be self-motivated, self-motivated and responsible. You must be able to switch from the passive approach to classroom-based learning to a more active approach, which is required to succeed in online learning. The discipline to study, effective time management and independence are all necessary.


To get the most out of RN to BSN Online Programs, you need to be comfortable to communicate electronically, either through online discussion forums or by email. Some students prefer face-to-face meetings and do not like a late response from their instructors and therefore do not like to learn online - others are good at these aspects of communication.

It is advisable to ask the school the following questions:

How available are the instructors?

How long does it take for an instructor to answer?

Can you contact instructors via email?

computer skills

At least you must have a basic understanding of computers and programs. Do you have the skills, comfort and knowledge of using a computer to ensure you are in the best position to get the most out of an online degree? If not, can someone learn, for example, a friend, your partner or your children? In addition to questioning your computer skills, you must also question the school.

Some good questions to ask are:

Is there technical support 24/7?

How can I contact technical support (email, phone, fax etc)?

Is a free online course demo available to test my computer skills?

The last question is probably the most important question to ask. This is because if there is a demo, you can get a strong idea of ​​how the program material will be presented to you, as well as the usability of the program. If youre comfortable with demo, youre likely to be comfortable with the online course.

As mentioned, enrollment in one of the RN to BSN Online programs is a very attractive option for those who want to continue their career. As long as you carefully evaluate your needs, goals and preferences, its right to choose the right program.

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